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1. Objectives:

This kind of program aimed at 15 people and the main goal is to promote specialized territorial entrepreneurship, where the focus towards growth and based on innovation and technology.

It is a free program and it is funded by the First PreAcceleration Program framed in the Catalunya Emprèn program and cofinanced by the European Social Fund, with the support of the Department of Business and Knowledge.

Classes begin on: 1st of September
Classes end in: 20th of December
Timetable: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 5:30 pm to 9 pm.
Hours: 150 hours and Tutoring for each project

2. Program Details:

1. Opportunities and needs in the business area of economic activity:
1.1. What are the industrial business? How are business area managed?
1.2. Most common issues to be resolved
- Mobility.
- Sustainability.
- Security
- Connectivity
- Networking and business cooperation

2. Technologies applicable to business activity area.
2.1. Internet of Things: Basic knowledge. Advantages and Disadvantages of different technologies. Areas of application.
2.2. Smart parking: Technologies for sensorization and management of the data obtained. Other technologies.
2.3. Smart signposting.
2.4. Smart Access.
2.5. Traffic control: Tourism. Freight transport vehicles.
2.6. Design and creation of apps: Basic technical knowledge. Business models
2.7. Geolocation and application possibilities.
2.8. What is Big Data? Specific opportunities and technologies in business area.
2.9. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Smart Grids. Monitoring of losses and fraud. Energy management. Energy efficiency systems. The Big Data in the improvement of efficiency. LEED certifications. The role of the user in sustainability.
2.10. Security: Access control. Cameras Alert management. Lighting and security. Drones and disruptive technologies. The Big Data in the management of security.

3. Market of Business Area:
3.1. The business area in Catalonia and in Spain: Solutions to Business Area.
- The main associations of business area
- Public Administrations: Urban Planning Departments / Local Economic Promotion: Presentations by those responsible for innovation of PAE's such as the Economic District of L'H and other PAE's of the territory. Supramunicipal entities interested in the P.A. and calls for grants.
3.2. The Business area in Europe and in the world. Situation and information about the most important industrial area.

4. Analysis and detection of business opportunities.
5. BB.DD. Responsibility and Social Innovation.
6. Determination and Knowledge of the Objective and Market Client.
7. Business model.
8. Planning and Project Management.
9. National and International Financing.
10. Business pitch - Effective communication.

Each project (can be created by one or more members) will have a personal teacher, whom will do the follow and general support to each project.

3. Teachers:

The course will be given by SMART SPACE: www.smartspace.es.
There are some different companies that they are part of Smart Space:
-IDOM is specialist in technical governance.
-KPMG is specialist in the legal governance.
-Big leading companies in different Smart Areas:
- Cellnex is specialist in information and communication technologies.
- Factor Energia is specialist in energy efficiency.
- FCC is specialist in waste.
- Idom is specialist in governance.
- Indra is specialist in management.
- KPMG is specialist in the legal area.
- Securitas is specialist in security.
- ThyssenKrupp is specialist in mobility
- Vodafone is specialist in connectivity.

The small Smart Space member companies, universities and technology centers such as PPP for Cities of the IESE or UPC and others. help the big companies in each innovation area.

4. Stage:

This project has different stages that each participant can be able to use.

The Economic District of L'Hospitalet has 400 companies and 10.000 employers. The Pedrosa Business Park the Plaça Europa, the Gran Via Sud zone, and the Fira area. The geographical situation is privileged, at the center of the metropolitan area, between Barcelona, the airport of El Prat, the port, and Zona Franca. In the same business area is "la Fira de Barcelona" (in Gran Via), someplace where many events are held like the Mobile World Congress, the Smart City Expo World Congress, Internet of Things Solutions World Congress, Alimentària, the Sònar, EIBTM, Biz Barcelona, etc., and many people from around the world attend every year.

For all this, the Economic District is considered a referent in the business area and many experts consider this as a model of Barcelona, of the metropolitan area, of Catalonia, and of the world. They are sure that the improvements that are implemented will have more possibilities to implement in other business areas.

This district has all the good requirements for pilot testing and is useful for employers and companies that they are working to get new ideas and improvements.

Smart Space is a meeting point for all the smart companies. It is the best way and the best place to find smart solutions.

Also, it encourages teaching technology/innovation in technology centers, universities, and companies. It is a platform where innovative companies and universities or technology centers can contribute knowledge.

Smart Space companies have an important role in this project. They have collaborated in the program design, oriented on the challenges of more interesting technological solutions for the business areas, and, they oriented on the several business opportunities to develop.

After this, they can participate in the next steps and when the project is completed, they can sponsor new companies, ally themselves ...

AEBALL is the business association in which UPMBALL is framed. It has about 3.800 companies in L'Hospitalet and Baix Llobregat area, most of them located in P.A.E’s.

All projects from this program can be offered to companies through AEBALL.
In addition, AEBALL is an entity that collaborates with town halls and others local institutions with responsibility in the P.A.E part. Some of the town halls will assist to explain their challenges and needs (Module 3 of the training program).

About AEBALL's services, it offers all the people participating in this program a service of Advice and Accompaniment to New Companies.

5. Created Projects

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